Scruffy Guider Collar

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  • NEW! Custom Sizes Available.
  • Gentle and Safe on the Dog's Neck
  • Proven Successful by Professional Trainers
  • Communicate to Your Dog in a Positive Natural Way
  • Convenient Handle for Off-Leash Training and Guiding
  • Great Collar for Obstacle Training
  • Pet Owners Feel it is the Ultimate Collar for Training all Puppies and Dogs
  • Whole Dog Journal approves - May 99 Issue
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 6' Matching Double-ply Nylon Leash Available

Unlike other dog training collars that choke or pinch a dog - possibly leading to windpipe and even optic nerve damage - the Scruffy Guider dog training collar uses a kinder, more natural approach.

The Scruffy Guider's patented double-collar design imitates a canine's earliest sense of training: the gentle nudge and scruff squeeze of the mother to keep her puppies under control. It also incorporates a unique handle that allows you to guide your dog without a leash.

Now you can communicate effectively and naturally with your dog during training!


Vaccination Requirements for All Services: All dogs at Misty Pines Dog Park Company must be current on Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella (Bordetella every 6 months) vaccinations. All dogs must have received inoculations at least 10 days prior to their visit to Misty Pines. The waiting period will allow your dog to build optimal immunity to the vaccinations which will make your dog less susceptible to catching or transferring any unwanted viruses. This includes new and updated vaccinations. Your pet cannot be over due for vaccinations - NO EXCEPTIONS. For example, if your pet is scheduled to visit Misty Pines on May 14 and received vaccinations on May 9, we cannot accept your pet due to the insufficient 10 day waiting period. Please fax records to the Misty Pines office at (412) 367-PETS (7387).

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